Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nanotechnology and nutella had a baby

Rumor has it, mr. nanotechnology and ms. nutella had a baby!

There was a contest with many nominations and the couple selected nanotella as their newborn's name.


It was about the time that I got into this blogging business. I tried several different blogs along with some others that I didn't display my name. With the advice of Dr. Chris Kelty, I decided to write on how we can make nanotechnology useful to many people especially the ones that live in underdeveloped countries.

My research deals with removing arsenic from drinking water with magnetite nanocrystals. However, this method is very cost inefficient. To make it affordable, I'm now developing a method that uses edible oils and rust to make magnetite nanocrystals. I will probably talk about these later on or you can keep checking on our new project,


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