Monday, January 21, 2008

Faculty pay scales

When reading this excellent article on women in science by Philip Greenspun, I found about this database of faculty stipends where you can search for the institution and get info on how much your professor make a year (roughly). I've been craving for this kind of information since it's not easy to know what you are getting into (before you lock yourself into an academic future).

Here are some interesting numbers (2006-7) listed most to least:

Assistant professors:
Caltech $99K,
UPenn $92K,
Harvard $91K,
Stanford $91K,
MIT $89K,
UChicago $85K,
Northwestern $84K,
Princeton $79K,
Rice $78K,
Yale $78K,
Berkeley $76K,
UTexas $75K,
UCLA $72K,
TAMU $67K,
Rockefeller $67K.
Associate professors:
Stanford $115K,
Caltech $111K,
UPenn $106K,
Princeton $105K,
Harvard $100K,
MIT $100K,
UChicago $98K,
Northwestern $98K,
Rice $91K,
Rockefeller $90K,
Berkeley $87K,
Yale $87K,
UCLA $84K,
UTexas $78K,
TAMU $76K.
Full professors:
Rockefeller $186K,
Harvard $177K,
Stanford $164K,
Princeton $164K,
UChicago $163K,
Yale $158K,
UPenn $157K,
Caltech $156K,
Northwestern $147K,
MIT $146K,
UCLA $133K,
Berkeley $131K,
Rice $130K,
UTexas $121K,
TAMU $107K.

It looks like private institutions pay a lot higher than the public schools. Texas A&M scored last in all three levels but college station, tx is kind of like a place where you cannot spend much money anyway.