Monday, June 9, 2008

Gold nanowire rush: Battle between Younan Xia, Charlie Lieber & Shouheng Sun and Peidong Yang

June 07, 2008 was one of those days of scientific déjà vu. Three papers (2 JACS, 1 Nano Letters) that have very similar results were published. All were about very thin Gold nanowires (1.6 - 9 nm in diameter) with high aspect ratios.

Here's the leader board on this Gold (nanowire) rush:

The winner: Younan XIA!
"Ultrathin Gold Nanowires Can Be Obtained by Reducing Polymeric Strands of Oleylamine−AuCl Complexes Formed via Aurophilic Interaction"Xianmao Lu, Mustafa S. Yavuz, Hsing-Yu Tuan, Brian A. Korgel, and Younan XiaReceived May 6, 2008 Published online June 07, 2008

Runner up(s): Charlie Lieber & Shouheng Sun
"Ultrathin Au Nanowires and Their Transport Properties"
Chao Wang, Yongjie Hu, Charles M. Lieber, and Shouheng Sun
Received May 7, 2008 Published online June 07, 2008

Third place: Peidong Yang
"Sub-Two Nanometer Single Crystal Au Nanowires"
Ziyang Huo, Chia-kuang Tsung, Wenyu Huang, Xiaofeng Zhang, and Peidong Yang
Received May 12, 2008 Published online June 07, 2008

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