Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big bang at nanoscale

Tonight at 11pm (Pacific time) is when the show begins. CERN (Centre Europeen de Recherche Nucleaire) is kicking it for some "little big bangs".

"If some of what we expect to find does not turn up, and things we did not foresee do, that will be even more stimulating because it means that we understand less than we thought about nature," says British physicist Brian Cox in that same Reuters article and it gives chills to many.

The fears revolve around the possibility of black hole formations, even at the tiniest, sub-nano scales. Some campaigned against it politically, many more protested and will continue doing so. A court case resulted in dismissal but CERN had to put this webpage up.

If anything happens, and that's the big if making millions around the world watch the experiment to proceed, both the physicists and the TV networks will be happy. Except our fellow Europeans, the money will be sucked out of their pockets with these nano big bangs to pay for more experiments.