Wednesday, February 11, 2009

8 nm Au Ag nano alloys for CO oxidation

Dr. Sun did it again!
There wasn't an easy way to make gold and silver nano scale alloys (especially at the sizes of 8-9 nm) until Dr. Shouheng Sun and Dr. Chao Wang's work appeared in chemistry of materials just yesterday. The method shines with its simplicty: one pot, mix silver nitrate (AgNO3) with oleylamine, heat it to 100 oC, inject HAuCl4, heat more at 120 oC for 30 more minutes. How simpler can it get? Results are stunning (see the figure); you can also tune the composition to your taste. The only issue is they couldn't prove that these alloys survive CO oxidation without any sintering. I think this is the reason they published a communication. Let's wait for the fully loaded beauty.

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