Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Nobel Chemistry Prize - The Year of Inorganic

Tomorrow (Oct 9) the Nobel Chemistry Prize will be announced. And it is 35 minutes away for the Physics Nobel Prize. Visit Nobel Prize page for all that fun.

Meanwhile, I'll do yet another take on the winners of the Chemistry Nobel Prize. I'm sure it is already decided and perhaps a very able hacker can extract the information but nonetheless, we can still take a guess.

I'm still stuck on the Bio-inorganic theme as I did last year. There are very good lists by Chembark and Curius Wavefunction but I'd like to take the roulette game. Hit or miss.

My anticipation is a trio out of Harry Gray, Stephen Lippard, Sunney Chan, Richard Holm for their work on metalloenzymes and the electron transport phenomena as well the spectroscopic analysis of them.

If you look into the cycle, it is probably Inorganic this year. I cannot think of any inorganic breakthrough other than porous materials but it is too early for them either.

Let's see what happens.


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