Friday, February 2, 2018

Elitist Academics

You are an elitist academic if:
  • You only review for "top" journals
  • You only hire those that have papers in "top" journals or those from "top" schools
  • Only read or tweet about "top" journal papers
  • Submit your papers first to "X" then "Y", when rejected from a "better" journal
  • You first pay attention to the journal name before understanding the research/slide/paper
  • You introduce your speakers with the number of their "top" journal papers
  • You only highlight your "top" journal papers on your webpages
  • You keep checking your h-index daily basis
Now that you know the truth, it's time to start acting as yourself.

Here're couple suggestions for those of you elitists:
  • Stop giving advice about academic integrity and equality.
  • Come clean with your bias. Tell your students you are an elitist.
  • Don't lie when you say where you publish is unimportant. Tell, instead, eat or be eaten.
  • Never ever talk about how academia/science is apolitical, democratic or other empty buzz words.
Disclaimer: I'm a recovering elitist and it is not an easy journey. Better start now.